Surprisingly simple, sustainable & stunning ways to transform your home for Thanksgiving

Create an indoor autumn oasis with care and ease

Are you in search of Thanksgiving decorations that won’t break the bank, end up in landfills or take up precious storage space post-holiday? We can’t wait to share our secret with you!

Truthfully, our source for sensational autumn decor is no secret at all. Our suggestion: skip the stores and head outdoors! Explore your yard, garden, neighborhood park, nearby farm stand or a combination of outdoor spaces for endless inspiration. In our opinion, the incredible beauty of nature’s bounty is simply unmatched by man-made ornaments. We’re in awe of the abundance of dreamy autumn decor all around us and we’re willing to bet you will be too.

Capture the essence of autumn and create a cozy and quintessential fall look and feel in your home using nature’s gifts. Some of our favorite earthly options include:

Fall foliage and compostable accents:

  • Foraged branches, vines, twigs and pinecones
  • Colorful fallen leaves
  • Dried corn cobs with husks
  • Dried wheat stems or wildgrasses

Fall fare for edible elements:

  • Pumpkins, gourds and squashes
  • Apples, pears, figs, pomegranates, persimmons and berries
  • Shelled nuts such as acorns, walnuts and chestnuts
  • Cinnamon sticks

Natural, organic materials are perfect for making table toppers, garlands or wreaths. Adorn your table runner with trimmings, place a curated collection at the center of a serving station, or simply scatter items in your entryway and entertaining areas to sprinkle fall flair throughout your home. Add candles to illuminate and enhance the ambiance. For a festive twist on floral arrangements, we especially love the idea of using a pumpkin as a vase for fall flowers or succulents.

And there you have it — resourceful and responsible ideas and inspiration for an ethereal and authentic autumn atmosphere this Thanksgiving!