O Honey White Balsamic & O Blood Orange Vinaigrette


3 Tbsp O Honey White Vinegar

3 Tbsp O Blood Orange Olive Oil

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O Honey White Balsamic & O Blood Orange Vinaigrette


This is hardly a recipe, because it is so simple, but we couldn’t resist sharing our favorite combination with you.

This is the perfect vinaigrette to make a holiday salad pop, just when you are looking for shortcuts in the kitchen, during the busy season. This dressing is so delicious, you only need greens to accompany it. But, to make it even more holiday worthy, toast up some nuts (pumpkin, pecan or walnut work well), and sprinkle on just before tossing.

Pour the O Honey White Balsamic Vinegar into a small mixing bowl, and while quickly stirring with a wire whisk, slowly drizzle in the O Blood Orange Olive Oil. Whisk until emulsified. Taste and, if needed, add more vinegar (if you prefer more of a tart flavor) or oil (if you prefer a smoother flavor). Pour onto salad and toss. Serve immediately.