O Honey White Balsamic Vinegar featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Featured in the May issue of Better Home & Gardens , O Honey White Balsamic Vinegar is a must-have in your pantry.

This delicious vinegar will give your dishes a boost of flavor, and it’s a healthy addition to your diet. As Better Homes & Gardens describes “acidic foods can boost immune systems, jump-start energy, and improve digestion.”

Try it with your next meal!

Cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry loves O!

Watch this video to find out why we need more olive oil to improve our health.

Dr. Gundry talks about the benefits of olive oil for heart health. He demonstrates how its consumption protects our arteries with an informative experiment.

This is another great example of how O products are not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

O Blossom Vinegar Trio featured in the LA Times Holiday Gift Section

Check la-times-holiday-collage_web_rev2us out! O Blossom Vinegar Trio is featured in the LA Times Holiday Gift Section.

Please note: This gift product has been discontinued but check out our other Trio gift options, as well as all of our new gift sets.




Extra Virgin (Olive Oil) Suicide

Extra virgin suicide screen capture

Much of the oil sold as Italian olive oil does not come from Italy! Check out Nicholas Blechman’s New York Times animated/illustrated article, Extra Virgin Suicide, The Adulteration of Italian Olive Oil for the real scoop.

All O Olive Oils are third-party tested after every crush. Safe, healthy, delicious! All California! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy!





Cook’s Illustrated loves O Sherry Vinegar!

Cooks IllustratedFeatured in the June issue of Cook’s Illustrated, O Sherry Vinegar “…edged out the competition.”

“We selected nine sherry vinegars, including supermarket varieties as well as products sold in specialty shops and online. We tasted them plain, in vinaigrette, and in chilled gazpacho.”

Cook’s Illustrated tasting comments: “With a sweet boost from apricot wine vinegar, this “rich,” smooth” vinegar contributed fruity depth to the vinaigrette…”


Olive Oil Scandal

Many of you saw this segment on 60 Minutes last Sunday, January 3rd about Mafia-controlled and adulterated Italian olive oil. Our phones have been ringing ever since! Some call to thank us for selling only California olive oil. Others are looking for replacement for their Italian olive oils. Yes, we sell only California olive oil. Nothing imported. All our oils are third-party tested after every crush. Safe, healthy, delicious! All California! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy!

See our California olive oils: http://www.ooliveoil.com/store/olive-oils

In Italy, Bill Whitaker finds out that the long arms of the mafia extend to agricultural products, especially olive oil, on which the mob makes huge profits by exporting imitations. Learn more:  http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/agromafia/


Favuzzi loves O

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.16.20 AM  FavuzziOSpread.1  FavuzziOSpread.2

Even if you can’t read French…

It’s worth checking out what our friends at Favuzzi in Canada have put together, showcasing O in their gorgeous magazine.


Chef Michel Nischan uses O


O Taste This!

Heirloom tomato salad with aged balsamic vinaigrette

You’ll love this late summer recipe from 3-time James Beard Award winning chef Michel Nischan, a pioneer in the sustainable food and healthy eating movements and a longstanding fan of O Olive Oil & Vinegar. He is the founder of Wholesome Wave which works to increase access to healthy, fresh and affordable locally grown food. This recipe appears in his book Taste Pure and Simple. Try Michel’s heirloom creation in our Recipe section along with many other tasty ideas. Enjoy!  ooliveoil.com/recipe/

Pitch the Press Finalist

We already knew home chefs love O. This week professional chefs and food writers agreed! O was recognized as one of the top 15 new product innovations at the Western Food Service & Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles! More than 8,000 attendees, 650 exhibitors and tens of thousands of products. Restaurants, hotels, caterers, corporate, hospital, and university dining facilities came together to find out what’s new. A love fest for O!



Host an Oil & Vinegar Tasting Party!

Blogger gives O kudos!

A blogger recently posted such a glowing report of our oils and vinegars, that we just had to share it with you! Here’s a sample of how she used them:

I make a killer orange blossom shrub with my vinegar.  A shrub, if you haven’t heard, is a centuries old idea that’s recently hip again. A fruity vinegar soft drink or cocktail, depending on your mood, the beverage dates back to the days before refrigeration, and today it’s popular again, thanks in part to fine vinegars like these. The drink is made with crushed and strained fruit which is mixed with vinegar, and then blended with alcohol or sparkling water for a surprisingly refreshing drink. My simple version uses equal parts fresh Cara Cara orange juice and O Orange Blossom Vinegar. Load a glass with ice, fill it halfway with the fruit and vinegar mixture…and top it off with some sparkling water – you’ll wonder where this drink has been all your life.








I tend to use fine oils and vinegars like these more as condiments than for cooking, although you certainly can cook with them. I love the fresh taste so I drizzle or add them at the end of cooking and prepping my food. These flavors are clear and vivid, which is why so many celebrity chefs have given them the thumbs up.  They sort of instantly add panache to whatever you’re making.




All I did for my spring pasta salad was douse it in some O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil, followed by a chaser of  O White Balsamic Vinegar.











But my favorite way to enjoy these is to throw an olive oil tasting party! We set it up like a wine tasting, with lots of little plates and bowls set out, each with a different oil, or oil and vinegar combo, some with herbs or spices added, some plain. We provide plenty of good bread to slice or tear, and a great cocktail or two. It’s a lot of fun.

Read more about Sue’s experience with O products on The View from Great Island.