Good Morning America

Love it! 

“…my two favorite vinegars, the Cabernet and Citrus Champagne from a company named “O”. Very refreshing…lots of depth of flavor. Love it!”

—Sara Moulton, Food Editor  
Good Morning America, ABC

Cabernet-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-Small rt cropCitrus-Champagne-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-Small crop

Minnesota Monthly

Mother Love 

“Aprons are for amateurs. This year, find the perfect present for every mom.


O Champagne Vinegar and O Citrus Champagne Vinegar.”

Minnesota Monthly

Champagne-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-Small rt cropCitrus-Champagne-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-Small crop

Fine Cooking

Mission Olives and Meyer Lemons Make “O” Olive Oil

“On a recent trip to Italy, I was delighted by some citrusy- tasting olive oils. These weren’t infused oils, but oils made by crushing tangerines, oranges, and lemons, skin and all, with olives.
When I returned to the States, I was excited to discover that an enterprising Californian, Greg Hinson, had learned the Italian procedure. He uses a state-of-the-art olive press to combine native California Meyer lemons and Mission olives into “O” Olive Oil.”

—Peggy Knickerbocker, Fine Cooking Magazine

Good Morning America

What They’re Saying About O Yuzu Rice Vinegar

“That’s delicious!” —Charles Gibson

“I live for vinegar, mmmm…oh!” —Diane Sawyer

“Very refreshing, yummy.” —Sara Moulton, Food Editor

Yuzu-Rice-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-small 200 w


Oil That Tastes Fresh Squeezed

“While living in Italy, Greg and Marta Hinson heard about an Abruzzese olive mill that crushed lemons along with the olives. They brought the idea home to the company they dubbed O OLIVE OIL. The Hinsons have done lemons and blood oranges, but their latest release, made with organic ruby grapefruit, may be the best yet; each rosy drop seems to swell with ripe flavor.”

The SAVEUR 100, Saveur Magazine

San Francisco Magazine

O Zinfandel Vinegar— Annual Food Issue

“Though its citrus-blended olive oils have rightfully earned great acclaim. O’s lively Zinfandel Vinegar—aged in oak and lightly flavored with California cherries—is the sleeper of this San Rafael-based producer.

—Jan Newberry, San Francisco Magazine




“USE: With sliced grilled steak and spicy greens (arugula or watercress), or tossed in pasta mixed with flavorful sausage. CHOOSE: O Olive Oil with Organic Meyer Lemons.”


Meyer-Lemon-O-Olive-Oil-Small 200 w


New York Times

A Sweet Finish

“Sweet vinegar has become a must in every pantry. But instead of cheap balsamic vinegars, which are often harsh and one-dimensional, cooks can now opt for better sweet vinegars, including Porto, a dark, grapey port wine vinegar made by O Olive Oil in San Rafael, Calif.  Drizzle this smooth new barrel-aged condiment on the last of the heirloom tomatoes, use it to punch up an autumn beef stew, or add a little to the glaze for a seasonal prune or plum tart.”

—Florence Fabricant, Food Editor, New York Times

Actuel Magazine

Fou du citron

Vinaigre Yuzu O

Le yuzu est un agrume d’origine chinoise, cultivé et popularisé au Japon depuis au moins 600 ans. À l’instar de plusiers autres agrumes, on n’utilise que le zeste au parfum de lime et de pin, la chair et le jus étant trop aigres pour être consommés à l’état naturel. Ce petit fruit jaune de la taille d’une mandarine, que les Japonais appellent parfois un minipamplemousse, sert surtout de garniture ou pour aromatiser les vins et les vinaigres auxquels il donne un parfum trés distinct. La compagnie O, de Californie, fabrique ce succlulent vinaigre de riz parfumé au yuzu, trés prisè des chefs, aui donne réellement de l’éclat à une grillade de poulet ou de poisson par exemple, avec une petite quantité de ce vinaigre et allonger avec un peu de vin blanc.

La bouteille de 200 ml. En vente dans toutes les épiceries fines.

Actuel Magazine

Yuzu-Rice-Vinegar-O-Olive-Oil-small 200 w

The Boston Globe

Citrusy Olive Oil

“It’s almost like a shot of sun, this citrusy olive oil…Epicurean geniuses…make this stuff…”

The Boston Globe