Bon Appétit loves O


Check it out! Bon Appétit includes O White Balsamic Vinegar as a great example of a top-shelf product for those dishes that “…need a touch of agrodolce, or sweet-tart flavor…white balsamic is aged for much less time [than regular balsamic] to produce a floral and fruity condiment with a sweet finish.” Give ours a try!

White balsamic vinegar adds a bright, sweet character to dishes

Chef David Nayfeld uses white balsamic vinegar to add a sweet-tart flavor and brighten up vegetable dishes and salads at Che Fico in San Francsico. Its floral, fruity notes and sweet finish combine well with butter for a Brussels sprouts glaze in a salad made with honey-roasted squash, cured meats, cheese and marinated chickpeas.

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What’s the Healthier Choice?

Looking for ways to have a healthier diet comes down to the details sometimes. One of which is whether to use coconut oil or olive oil for cooking healthy meals. Although both have their unique benefits, the article below by The New York Times goes into detail with a more comprehensive look at making the healthiest selection. O is proud to offer delicious oils and vinegars that set the path for making healthy choices.




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Find O in Sunset Magazine’s Kitchen

Looking for a way to spruce-up your salads?

Try fragrant O Orange Blossom Champagne Vinegar. As featured in Sunset Magazine’s kitchen, try it for meals that call for a more elevated treatment. Drizzle on a little vinegar over white peaches, Persian cucumbers or roasted beets.

Pure and fresh, this vinegar is a pantry favorite.

O Honey White Balsamic Vinegar featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Featured in the May issue of Better Home & Gardens , O Honey White Balsamic Vinegar is a must-have in your pantry.

This delicious vinegar will give your dishes a boost of flavor, and it’s a healthy addition to your diet. As Better Homes & Gardens describes “acidic foods can boost immune systems, jump-start energy, and improve digestion.”

Try it with your next meal!

O Blossom Vinegar Trio featured in the LA Times Holiday Gift Section

Check la-times-holiday-collage_web_rev2us out! O Blossom Vinegar Trio is featured in the LA Times Holiday Gift Section.

Please note: This gift product has been discontinued but check out our other Trio gift options, as well as all of our new gift sets.




Extra Virgin (Olive Oil) Suicide

Extra virgin suicide screen capture

Much of the oil sold as Italian olive oil does not come from Italy! Check out Nicholas Blechman’s New York Times animated/illustrated article, Extra Virgin Suicide, The Adulteration of Italian Olive Oil for the real scoop.

All O Olive Oils are third-party tested after every crush. Safe, healthy, delicious! All California! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy!





Cook’s Illustrated loves O Sherry Vinegar!

Cooks IllustratedFeatured in the June issue of Cook’s Illustrated, O Sherry Vinegar “…edged out the competition.”

“We selected nine sherry vinegars, including supermarket varieties as well as products sold in specialty shops and online. We tasted them plain, in vinaigrette, and in chilled gazpacho.”

Cook’s Illustrated tasting comments: “With a sweet boost from apricot wine vinegar, this “rich,” smooth” vinegar contributed fruity depth to the vinaigrette…”


Favuzzi loves O

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Even if you can’t read French…

It’s worth checking out what our friends at Favuzzi in Canada have put together, showcasing O in their gorgeous magazine.

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School

O Olive Oil & Vinegar are proud sponsors of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. “America’s favorite teacher, Martha Stewart, returns with ALL-NEW lessons in Season Four of MARTHA STEWART’S COOKING SCHOOL. Watch and learn as she teaches classic cooking techniques and recipes. Airs on PBS and PBS’ Create Channel—check local listings.”


Take a tour of French cuisine as Martha prepares for bistro favorites: Lamb Navarin, Croque Monsieur, Celery Root Rémoulade, and a showstopping Niçoise Salad.

Martha Stewart Living Magazine


Petaluma, Californie, États-Unis | O Olive Oil

“‘Le rendement devrait étre plutôt faible cette année, en raison des conditions de grande sécheresse en Californie. Cependant, par le passé, de telles conditions ont donné habituellement une huile trés onctueuse et florale, alors nous espérons que tout aille pour le mieux. De la pluie à la fin du mois d’Octobre pourrait changer radicalement le rendement de nos olives mission, que nous prévoyons récolter du début à la mi-Décembre.’ Greg Hinson, O Olive Oil”

Favuzzi Magazine