Olive Oil

O sudachi lime rice vinegar

Refreshing lime citrus with accents of black peppercorn. Prized in Japan for it's unusual fragrant aroma. 4 times higher in Vitaman C than other citrus, Sudachi, a classic cousin to yuzu, makes a yummy ponzu sauce. Just add soy & dip ginger pork potstickers for a mouthwatering flavor journey. Handmade in Sonoma in small zesty batches.  $12 SOLD OUT

200ml (6.8 fl oz )

> pairs well with O ruby grapefruit olive oil
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"I had tried your Yuzu and loved it.  I didn’t know Sudachi, but, wow! A splash sent my stir-fry into another dimension. Trying it in a dipping sauce for pot-stickers next. Thanks." —M. J. Tam, Laguna Beach, CA

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